How to reach?

The approximate distance & journey time to reach Shree Kshetra Kudroli Gokarnanatha
through various modes are listed below

By Bus

From Mangalore KSRTC bus stand: 3.4 KM ( 9 minutes) 
City bus route no: 7. 13A. 1B, 31A 
From Hampankatta Mangalore: 2.0 KM ( 8 minutes)  

By Train

If you are traveling via train, the distance  from  the  Mangalore  central  railway  station  to  Shree  Kshetra is approximate: 2.7 KM (10 minutes) 

By Flight

The nearest  Airport is  Mangalore  International  Airport  12 KM  (25 minutes,  fastest route lighter traffic than usual) away from Shree kshetra.

Optionally you can also take a direct taxi from the KSRTC bus stand to Shree kshetra depending on your schedule.

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